Equity Literacy
founded by Paul C. Gorski Becoming a threat to inequity
in schools and beyond
through Equity Literacy.
EdChange HomeEdChange Trainers and FacilitatorsDescriptions of our workshops and our training and consulting services including comments from previous clients.Equity and Diversity AssessmentOur philosophies regarding education equity and change.Our projects and publications related to education and equity.Some of our articles and essays on change in schools and society.Download free handouts about equity and education.Visit EdChange's online stores for resources and gear related to equity and social justice.Contact EdChange.

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Worskhops and Training
Equity workshops should facilitate new levels of consciousness and enable participants to become change agents on the ground, today. We specialize in using this philosophy to help individuals, organizations, and schools shift from a "celebrating diversity" orientation to one grounded in principles of equity. We call this approach cultivating Equity Literacy. Our newest initiative is the Equity Literacy Institute, which houses our training efforts.

Publications and Research
We bolster equity and diversity theory and practice with our cutting-edge scholarship for equity practitioners,schools, school districts, colleges, and universities. Our publications run the gamut from peer-reviewed academic journal articles to practitioner-focused magazine articles.

Free Equity Resources
We create and disseminate free equity resources to educators and others hoping to grow their capacities to be a threat to inequity in their spheres of influence. Check out the Multicultural Pavilion web site, our downloadable handouts, our educational equity case studies, and other free resources on the EdChange family of websites.

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Cultivating equity literacy in schools and society.
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